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Recent NEBRASKAland articles:

  Nebraska on my MindBlind TimeMoving Through GrasslandsAfter MigrationThe HourglassThe Value of PredatorsPrairie FalconsBuilding A Photo BlindMahoney’s Wild SideNature In MonochromeNorthern PintailsOpen Country SongbirdRed-winged BlackbirdThe Northern CardinalWatershed In MotionWhat Are You, Chicken?

Published by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission since 1926, NEBRASKAland magazine is the oldest continuously published state conservation magazine in the country.  Mike was hired as a staff photographer and writer for the magazine in 1993. Today he is a long-time contributing editor-at-large and has authored over 100 feature articles spanning two decades in his home state.

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Forum Naturfotografie
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PBS – Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild

Great Plains production
This two-part documentary takes viewers on behind-the-scenes adventures with Forsberg in his wildlife blinds and to the far reaches of the Great Plains where the wild still lingers. NET Television follows him to Montana’s Upper Missouri region famed to followers of Lewis and Clark.

ILCP – Witness: Defining Conservation Photography

Witness: Defining Conservation Photography

A contemporary account of the emerging genre of conservation photography is explored through the voices and imagery of some of the best environmental communicators working today.

PBS – Crane Song

Crane Song
The sun rises across central Nebraska. As another spring day gradually comes to life, hundreds of thousands of temporary resident make their presence known through sound.

The Nature Conservancy – Discovering America’s Heartland

For three years, photographer Michael Forsberg traveled the Great Plains, documenting what remains of this once-vast ecosystem. With financial and scientific assistance from TNC.

Ducks Unlimited – America’s Grasslands

America's Grasslands: A Threatened National Treasure
In the last 5 years, we’ve lost nearly 400,000 acres of native prairie in North and South Dakota. Ducks Unlimited conservation staff and local ranchers share the enormous importance of the Prairie Pothole Region to waterfowl, other wildlife and people.

KQED – Quest: Sandhills Hidden Water

QUEST Nebraska: Sandhills Hidden Water

This episode includes stories about hidden waters of the Sandhills, a methane digester that converts hog waste into electricity, how UNL helps researchers in California and New Mexico turn algae into fuel, and attempts to save endangered Tiger Beetles.

PBS – This American Land: Pronghorn Migration

This American Land: Pronghorn Migration

Pronghorn are found only in the plains and grasslands of North America. They face many obstacles on their long migration routes north. Michael Forsberg and wildlife biologists have been closely tracking the plight of these migrating ancient animals.

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