What’s in the bag?

In its simplest description, a camera is a box that captures light. The shutter opens then it closes, capturing a unique moment in time forever.  It’s a magic little marvel of engineering and physics, a time traveler, a portal into the past, a witness to the present, a gateway to the future. But as smart and well designed as they are, cameras themselves and the myriad accessories available today don’t make the pictures, create the art, or advocate for beauty or change. We do.
Today the tools of the trade have all at once become more simple and more complex. They are faster, lighter, smarter and more intuitive.They make the making of images easier, allow us to push the edge of what is possible in ways we never have been able to before. Sometimes they allow us to not be seen, be there when we are not, or minimize or even eliminate disturbance altogether. But sometimes these tools can also be a trap. We can get too complex, or too lazy, or lean too much on technology to do the job for us.
So I lay out this list of gear mostly because folks are curious. But understand this: they are all just tools each with a job to do that collectively helps share and tell stories of the wonders and challenges of this world.
-Nikon D800, D810, D7100
-iPhone 6s
-GoPro3+ and GoPro4
Nikon Lenses
16-35 f/4
105 f2.8 macro
28-300 f3.5-5.6
80-400 f4
200-400 f4
1.4x teleconverter
-Nikon SB-700, SB-910
Tripods and support
-Gitzo 321
-Gitzo Mountaineer
-Bogen shortie
-Really Right Stuff heads
-Wimberley head
-Bag of beans wrapped in duct tape
-Aquatech DSLR Sport Housings
-GoPro waterproof housings
-Canon G16 w/dedicated underwater housing
Accessories in the pack
Nikon monarch binoculars, manual cable release, Hodgeman DSLR video loupe, Leatherman multi-tool, lens cloth, blower brush, memory card cases, small level, 5 mm allen wrench, mini mag light, headlamp, rubber bands, zip ties, duct tape. biologist orange flagging tape, TRLcam walkie talkie remotes, ziploc bag, trash bag, Cliff bar, iodine tabs. Small wilderness medicine kit.
Remote camera systems
-TRLcam walkie talkie remotes
-TRLcam Sony a6000 custom camera trap systems
-TRLcam Panosonic GH4 custom camera trap systems
-TRLcam GoPro custom remotes
-Reconyx game cameras
Timelapse camera systems (long term)
-Nikon DLSRs with TRLcam technologies
-Sony a6000 with TRLcam technologies