Can You Dance Like John?


Can You Dance Like John?

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A fictional account of one sandhill crane learning to cope with the loss of her mate. Set on the crane's migration path, this bittersweet story of love, loss and healing will appeal to all ages. Michael Forsberg's beautiful color photographs grace every page.

Jeff Kurrus is the editor of the award-winning wildlife publication NEBRASKAland magazine and author of Have You Seen Mary? and The Tale of Jacob Swift.


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Can You Dance Like John? is an emotionally moving and visually stunning tribute to Plains wildlife.  But it is also a universal story of loss and renewal, offering much-needed encouragement to those seeking to rejoin the miraculous dance of life.”   – John T. Price, author of Daddy Long Legs: The Natural Education of a Father and editor of The Tallgrass Prairie Reader.   

"This is a wonderful book full of striking photographs and a text grounded in a naturalist's knowledge and love of cranes. Can You Dance Like John? also carries an important message of hope, promising we can survive and find a new normal after even our deepest griefs.” – Margaret Lukas, Author of Farthest House

"Can You Dance Like John? is a lovely tale, and a great teaching tool that's both poignant and optimistic. Illustrated lavishly by the photographs of Michael Forsberg, the pages speak to the dangers of being a modern day migrating bird, but also to the inner workings and wonders of the most magnificent migration spectacle in North America." – Joel Sartore, Author, Conservationist, and founder of the National Geographic Photo Ark

“Jeff Kurrus’ Can You Dance Like John? is refreshingly honest as it gently traverses the emotions of love, loss and moving on. Alongside Michael Forsberg’s stunning sandhill crane photography, this is an eternal human story beautifully translated for little ears.”  – Mark Harris, Author of Rodeo Nebraska, and associate director of the University of Nebraska State Museum