NANPA Environmental Impact Award

Michael is a recipient of the 2016 NANPA Environmental Impact Award for his work on Platte Basin Timelapse. He will be speaking at the Nature Photography Summit on the evening of March 3rd in Jacksonville Florida.  For more information about the award and the event click here.

This award honors a photographic project undertaken by an individual or a team that addresses an important and urgent regional or global environmental problem. The project should be concerned with one or more species or ecosystems and illustrate perils facing the species or ecosystems and/or sustainable management solutions to help preserve them. The project will be judged on its success in raising public awareness for the need to protect our natural world and in stimulating further study of the issue(s) addressed. The individual or team directing the project may be offered a Summit Keynote presentation position. The award is open only to NANPA members or, in the case of a team project, a team headed by a NANPA member.